Euphoria Palace by ML

主 宰
Mandy Lau


1.Certified as an instructor of UDS Japan to make preserved flower from fresh cut

2.Certified as an instructor and was authorized as the 1st overseas school of BRIDES in Japan and Taiwan to teach their combined Bridal Preserved Flower

3.Certified as an instructor and was authorised overseas school of AUBE PreservedFlower, Japan



Euphoria Palace by ML is situated in Hong Kong Island,

10 minutes away from Tin Hau MTR station. It is a relaxing place and we mainly

hold lessons or workshops of Somebana and Preserved Flower.

All of our flower lovers work accordingly to their own pace without any pressure.

It is because we hope all of our flower lovers will be in a euphoric mood as always.

We look forward to seeing you in our flower journey in near future.




Address: 1/F, 14 Sun Chun Street, Hong Kong 香港新村街14號一樓 

TEL:+852 9267 8880